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I will commence my Ph.D. studies in the Khoury College of Computer Science at Northeastern University in 2024 Fall. My advisor is Christopher Amato. Previously, I was a master in Computer Science and Data Science at Columbia University working with Sharon Di and Gail Kaiser. I got my bachelor degree in Software Engineering from Sun Yat-sen University, where I was advised by Wuhui Chen. My research interests include artificial intelligence, multi-agent system, game theory and machine learning.

My research focuses on developing data-driven decision-making methods for multi-agent systems (robots, vehicles, and humans). For this purpose, my research aims at: (1) developing decentralized multi-agent reinforcement learning theory and algorithms to empower its downstream applications; (2) modeling societal-scale multi-agent system dynamics using game theory approaches, and providing high-quality and scalable solutions accordingly. My research has board applications in various real-world scenarios, including intelligent transportation systems and multi-robot navigation.

Keywords: Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning; Mean-Field Game; Partially-Observable Markov Decision Process.


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